Appeals & Tribunal Solicitors

If your immigration application is refused, the Immigration and Naturalization Service will write to you stating why your application was turned down. In these circumstances, you have the right to appeal the decision. As you will need to show that the decision that was made was not in accordance with current UK immigration policy, or nationality law, the services of our immigration solicitors are essential. Our expert immigration solicitors will explain the process in detail and help you challenge the decision and make an immigration appeal to a tribunal.

Judicial review involves a challenge to the legal validity of a decision made by a public body, such as the Home Office. Where decisions are made with no right of appeal or where all appeal rights have been exhausted, judicial review proceedings may, depending on the facts of your immigration case, be an appropriate step to take. The time-frames are short and so prompt action is required. Our solicitors are very experienced when it comes to immigration tribunals and have handled dozens of successful cases.

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